Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When will I receive my order?
A. Typically an order should arrive within 24 - 48 hours from purchase. If you do not receive your order within this time period, please Contact us on the Contact Page

Q. Where will I receive my order?
A. Your order will come to you as an email that contains a download link.

Q. Do you have any bass tones?
A. We are already working on our next set of tones, which will include bass tones!

Q. Do the Podfarm tones work with Pod HD?
A. Unfortunately, no they do not. Due to the way Line 6 designed the Pod HD, its internal structure is completely different than Podfarm and therefore is not compatible with Podfarm tones!

Q. Do you have any tones for Pod HD?
A. We would love to release some tones for Pod HD but we don't have the unit yet, so we can't create them! But as soon as we can, we will release them!

Q. Something is wrong with the sound of my tone?
A. Most tones have been designed with humbucker pickups in mind, and rhythm tones generally require a left and a right guitar panned away from center for best and most familiar sound! If you are still having trouble with an active pickup guitar, try changing the battery. If you are having trouble with a passive pickup guitar, try new strings or checking cables and pickup type! There is also a known bug in the Line 6 Pod Farm software where an amp does not load properly and sounds as if the guitar is "dry". To correct this glitch, switch the amp model to an L6 model, and then back to the original amp in the preset.

Order Help

Possible reasons for an order to be delayed or not be sent instantly:

1. Paying for your order with something other than a PayPal balance can cause delays while waiting for money to transfer from one financial institution to another.

2. Ordering as a guest can cause delays in some rare cases. Ordering as a PayPal customer is always quicker.

3. BigCartel or Pulleyapp could be experiencing an outage or delays with the PayPal IPN service. This service is used to notify the order center about your order, and when it doesn't work, your order gets delayed.

4. Ordering with a PayPal account that has an email address registered to it that you no longer check can cause you to miss the order email completely.

If you are unsure about the delivery of your order, try these:

1. Check your Spam folder, sometimes mailbox spam filters are too harsh with digital download deliveries!

2. Check your other emails or any older emails you may have registered with PayPal. If you can't check an older email address due to forgetting the password or it is no longer valid, contact customer support with your order number and your new email address:

3. Wait for 24 - 48 hours while services come back online and your orders are processed by the ordering center. Thanks!